Street Burgers

Monster Burger

by Chacha on Sat, January 19, 2013

When it comes to street burgers, size does matter. Usually the sloppier and bigger the burger is, the more popular it becomes. Monster Burger serves one of the heftiest burgers around, their patties are twice the size of a normal Ramly burger. So, if you think you can handle it, come and conquer the mammoth-sized Monster Burger X!

Size does matter...( when it comes to burgers)

Foodster's Verdict

Monster Burger
  • Address

    In front of 7-11, allong Jalan Yong Shook Lin

  • Open

    6 pm - 3 am

  • Pros

    Quick service despite lots of customers and only one man manning the stall

  • Cons

    It’s not the healthiest of meals.

  • Price Range

    RM 18

  • Parking


  • Certification

    Muslim Owned

The Ayam Special is Abang’s signature dish, cracking and splashing the egg onto the grill as he uses the patty to spread the egg, allowing the white pepper and soy sauce to seep into the egg as well, enhancing its flavour two fold. Slightly crispy around the edges but totally juicy on the inside, even my friend who is not a foodie (boo!) and a small eater (double boo!), exclaimed “WOW” the first time she sunk her teeth into this sloppy creation. The Daging Double is a heavyweight contender, extra tender and juicy, perfect for a hungry tummy in the middle of the night.

But the real beauty came just a few months ago to Abang’s burger place when he unleashed his mammoth creation. Dubbed the Monster Burger X, it had all my favourite words (Monster and X) and everything I could wish for in a burger. Everyone can easily recognize the Monster Burger, simply because it is what it is…a monster of a burger. Nearly twice in width and length of a normal Ramly burger patty, the Monster Burger combines the taste of a gourmet burger, delicate and refined, with the smokey tones of an excellent street grilled burger. The patty has an altogether different taste which you will have to try for yourself.

Monster Burger has twice as much 'sayur', twice as much as sauce and definitely twice as much bite, because it can easily replace a meal. You can have the Monster done in any way you want as well, be it special, cheese or special cheese. The patty is so big that for the 'Special' version, Abang actually needs to use 2 eggs. The patty has a genuine beef taste and way juicier compared to the-run-off-the-mill Ramly burger. If you are a monster, you can opt for a double Monster, which is only RM13, still affordable compared to other burger stalls.

Many of my friends have tried Abang’s new creation the Monster Burger, and all of them have the same to say, it is better than most burgers they have tasted. One even compared it against a (currently) very popular burger bakar and said it came nowhere close to the Monster, both in taste and price-wise.

Many think that Abang Farouk (his real name) is a local citizen but in fact he is a Bangladeshi worker that migrated here about 5 years ago. Prior to this he had no experience in cooking or any sort of expertise in the kitchen, but he instantly fell in love with grilling burgers and has since then continued serving the best burgers to his customers.

The burger truck has been in the same spot for over 13 years, opening from 6.00 pm to 3.30 am every day. Conveniently located outside of the PJ State 7 Eleven, the burger truck is located along Jalan Yong Shook Lin.

Often when my friends ask me “Eh what’s the best place to eat for a midnight snack around your area ar?." Not many places come to mind besides a certain fast food restaurant and Abang Burger's stall. “Abang Burger” is very much like the iPhone of cellphones to me, simply because it is the safest bet (not to mention it being lip-smackingly good too) at 1.00 am in the morning to a have a quick and affordable snack (or meal, depending on how many burgers you order). But who says fast and affordable food cant be tasty as well?

Monster Burger, to me, is probably the textbook burger. It is the valedictorian of its time, what other burgers aspire to be. And to be honest, it is not like other burgers that have a special twist, or a secret ingredient. Abang’s burgers are deceptively simple, utilizing simple yet fresh ingredients such as sliced cucumbers, shredded onions, chopped up lettuce, loads of margarine, a hint of white pepper and a dash of soy sauce. This concoction of flavours is then combined with chili, mayonnaise, tomato and black pepper sauce to create a hyper combo finish. The difference? Abang cooks it with a smile.

Another unique factor about this burger place is the fact that Abang Farouk actually mans the whole place by himself. From cooking the patties, to preparing the buns and vegetables, to packing the burger and receiving the payment for it, he does it all with no help and he does it with a friendly welcoming face. He manages to sell almost 300 burgers every day, and loves serving his customers. The next time you are around the area, give the Monster Burger a try, it is definitely worth your while