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Mr. Junior Burger

by Acacia Daud on Wed, January 29, 2014

Satisfy your burger cravings with the home made beef patties and special sauces at Mr. Junior. Cheap, healthy and tasty!


Foodster's Verdict

Mr. Junior Burger
  • Address

    Medan Selera Seksyen 2 (Near KFC), Jln Bunga Melur 2/18, Seksyen 2, Shah Alam

  • Open

    Every day except Tuesday, 11 a.m. – 11 p.m.

  • Pros

    Home-made, delicious patties in special sauces, value for money.

  • Cons

    Ambiance and parking

  • Price Range

    RM10 - RM15

  • Parking


  • Certification

    Muslim Owned

Splash, Merry Go Round, and Flame Thrower might sound like the name of theme park rides – and it’s probably where the founders of Mr. Junior drew their inspirations from when they opened up a burger stall six years ago. Having discovered a knack for kitchen experiments, the brothers found a burger patty recipe that tickled their taste buds and decided to develop their talents. They opened a home based burger delivery service and from there it grew to a small stall lodging on the premises of another restaurant, before continuing to open outlets in Shah Alam and Kelana Jaya.

We should tell you early on that the best part of the patties is that they are 100% homemade beef and chicken. This means that the goods are completely free of preservatives, and are made of real, raw meat flavored to the Junior standards and recipe. The sauces are made fresh every day, so you’re ensured a good batch upon ordering. Patties come in interesting squares instead of your standard circle.

The menu is pretty simple – six original burgers, all with special names and themes. The first, Mr. Junior Original, will have you appreciating the crumbly texture of the patty, chewy and with a good thickness and salted flavor, served with veggies and a dash of chili sauce. The Flame Thrower cooks up a chockfull of spiced meat that will leave your tongues steaming for water, a great zinger to fuel an all-nighter.

The most popular burger in the clan is the Pizza Burger. We don’t understand how the concept of combining two extremely good comfort food - Pizza (!) and Burger (!!) - has not taken over the world yet, but safe to say that Mr. Junior does justice to both deliciously. A meaty beef patty enveloped in gooey, warm mozzarella cheese, drizzled with a tomato based pasta sauce. The sauce lightly recalls a Bolognaise flavor, heavy on tangy tomato yet sweet. The combo definitely brings to mind thoughts of devouring pizza but nope, you’re actually chewing on a good, solid burger.

Other than that there are the two burgers with chicken patties. Merry Go Round, a patty grilled inside an omelet filled with mozzarella, the sensation just takes over your mouth in cheesy goodness, perfect if you’re looking to fill up a tummy quickly. There’s also the Grilled Chicken, presented in similar fashion as the Original. But if it’s total late night indulgence you’re looking for, we’d recommend the sixth burger in the series – the Splash Burger. Imagine a burger, and then imagine half of it invisible beneath a flood of steaming, thick, black pepper sauce, splatters of mayonnaise and salad. It’s messy at best and downright sauce war at worst, but the sweet and peppery taste makes up for the trouble.

The burgers are available on their own or as a set, which adds two homemade hash browns to the meal. The hashes are small triangles with crispy skin, and give a little extra wholesomeness to a meal. The buns are slightly soft and we wish the meat was thicker, but the good taste packed into the range of burgers is enough to satisfy the late night munchies. Mr Junior also provides delivery to areas around Shah Alam upon request.