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MS Beriani Food Truck

by Honey on Fri, September 23, 2016

One of the handful of food trucks that is serving up local food, MS Beriani is proud of their Johorean heritage. Check out this truck if you are in Shah Alam for an honest to goodness lip-smacking beriani (briyani)...

Tasty beriani on wheels!

Foodster's Verdict

MS Beriani Food Truck
  • Romantic
  • Business
  • Kids
  • Air Conditioned
  • Address

    Anggerik Mall, Seksyen 14, 40000, Shah Alam
    Tel: Hafizuddin- 014 232 8521

  • Open

    7pm- 12am

  • Pros

    Good portions for an affordable price

  • Cons

    Limited seating so best to take away

  • Price Range

    RM8 - RM20

  • Parking


  • Certification

    Muslim Owned

At one time you can count on one hand how many food trucks are out there serving up local food. After all, the great Food Truck revolution here began with offering foodies a tasty and cheaper alternative to Western food such as pastas, burgers, Tex-mex and so forth. Enter MS Beriani resolute in their Johorean dishes, who wants to promote authentic Johorean food to a younger crowd.

“We admit that our customer base are made out of people in their 50s and above. With this truck, we want the younger generation to get to know Johorean heritage food like laksa Johor, kacang pol and beriani,” says Hafizuddin, whose father started MS Beriani originally as a catering business. The MS stands for his dad’s name which is Mat Salleh.

A good portion of biryani is what you get here

So how good is beriani from a truck? Well we are happy to report that the taste is all there. They use good quality basmathi rice, their spices are from Johor and within the long-grained rice are pieces of soft tender lamb. Our verdict is ‘cukup semua rasa’.

Therefore, we definitely recommend the lamb beriani which is succulent and fragrant with the richness of the ghee and spices coming through. For a meal served out of a food truck, portions are surprisingly generous and filling.

Try the kacang pol too here

For kacang pol, they get their legumes imported from Arabia. This is a stomach-warming dish traditionally served for breakfast. The warm, lightly spiced kacang pol is served with a fried egg with a wobbly yolk, sliced green chillies and onions with a squeeze of lime. Thick, toasted bread completes it perfect for sopping up all the gravy and yolk.

MS also serves up a decent laksa Johor

MS Beriani have always served up quality for the price that you pay. We’ve had Johoreans giving them a thumb’s up and come here when they are homesick for their state food. We applaud their passion in putting forward traditional Johorean food, so if you ever see this gailey coloured truck around town, give them a go!

If you're in the neighbourhood, pop by and say hi to them