Food Trucks

Munchiez KL

by Ali on Sun, August 27, 2017

Munchiez KL operates on good simple food that is made for a quick grab and go. We enjoyed their pulled brisket sandwich and zinger chicken burger, all tasty and good for a light dinner...

Simple Food, Great Taste

Foodster's Verdict

Munchiez KL
  • Address

    Behind BHP Taman Melawati

  • Open

    8pm - 12am

  • Pros

    Great grab and go food

  • Cons

    Portions might be a little small for some

  • Price Range

    RM5 - RM20

  • Parking


  • Certification

    Pork Free

Ahhh yes the appeal of food trucks is still going strong. With their bright and colourful exteriors combined with good food, modern food trucks are here to stay in our eating out culture. Unfortunately some trucks lack places for you to sit down and have a meal, and that's where Munchiez KL comes in.

The people over at Munchiez KL saw this an opportunity and thus set up a truck which sells primarily grab and go food, and boy they do it well. Cue in their pulled beef sandwich and their zinger chicken sandwich.

The beef brisket is seared to a sexy perfection before it's braised for 6 hours. Once that's done, the brisket is teared and then cooked once again with peppers and onions. Place all that in a bun and top it off with mayonnaise, chili sauce and cheese sauce.

Next up is their Zinger Chicken Sandwich. A huge piece of chicken thigh is flatten with a tenderizer and then dipped in their secret batter. Once every inch is all coated, it is fried golden. The chicken is placed on bed of salad and sandwiched between toasted buns. Top it off with some good old chilli sauce and some cheese sauce.

Muchiez KL is your no frills kinda truck, it's grab and go food done well and we love them for it. Check them out next time you are on the way home and fancy something easy to take back and enjoy.