Nasi Kukus Pok Mezoh

by Ali on Wed, April 19, 2017

Usually nasi kukus come with ayam goreng berempah and hails from Kelantan. Well do we have a treat for you Pok Mezoh not only have more dishes to eat with his nasi kukus (kambing bakar! Ikan pari!) but he brings a true Terengganu taste to his dishes.

Nasi Kukus Kambing Bakar!

Foodster's Verdict

Nasi Kukus Pok Mezoh
  • Address

    Along Jalan Rejang 1 Setapak Jaya, Kuala Lumpur

  • Open

    12pm – 6pm

  • Pros

    Different choices of lauk to be enjoyed with your nasi kukus

  • Cons

    Limited tables if you want to dine there and it's right by the road.

  • Price Range

    RM5 - RM15

  • Parking


  • Certification

    Muslim Owned

Nasi Kukus Pok Mezoh is not very well known as a big contender in the nasi kukus world, but to the locals of Sri Rampai in Setapak, he is the king. Not only because he serves good food at a reasonable price, but he has nine different lauk to choose from!

What is even more exciting is that Pok Mezoh serves kambing bakar here too. And sure enough when I found Pok Mezoh's humble roadside stall, it was emanating a mouth watering aroma. Pieces of delicious lamb and chicken were grilling happily by a large spread of dishes and sauces. Oh, this is gonna be good... I was famished so I took the kambing bakar, ayam mati air (what!?) and pari asam pedas.

The kambing bakar and the ayam bakar is grilled right beside the stall over charcoal fire so you know you are getting freshly cooked meat all the time. The charcoal fire gives a nice smoky taste to the meat with char marks that is just a treat to bite into. The meat is juicy with a slight chew to it and marinated lightly. Combined with the nasi kukus, this opened a new world to me since I'm so used to the usual ayam goreng berempah combo. It does blend well with the gulai that they provide along with the nasi kukus.

Now the next dish is the ayam mati air, which is a traditional Terengganu dish where Pok Mezoh hails from. The dish is cooked in a gulai for a long time until it's dry hence 'mati air'. It resembles a rendang dish but with a richer and creamier taste. The chicken is tender and is well marinated within the spiced gravy. Each bite is an explosion of tasty goodness in your mouth that you can't seem to get enough of.

Lastly I had the asam pedas pari, just because I wanted to taste an asam pedas that is cooked by a person who is from Terengganu. Apparently Pok Mezoh learnt this from a Johorean aunt. I was pleasantly surprised that it did taste like asam pedas from Johor. The gravy is thick, and the flavour is spot on. The pari is cooked perfectly that the meat still retains its texture and none of the mushiness.

Besides the three lauks that I had, they also offer burung puyuh, ayam berempah, ayam percik and others. Because of the stall's road side nature, a lot of the customers merely stop by to get their nasi kukus and leave, but they keep coming back again and again just like me.