Street Burgers

Om Burger

by Farah on Mon, March 26, 2012

Winning the LYSF "Best Street Burger" award 2 years in a row has made this one of our favourite burger joint. Masters of sloppiness, Om Burger has been around for years and have gained a following in the Klang Valley. They don't skimp on the mayo and chilli sauce here so you'll get a burger so messy that saucy smears would appear on the sides of your mouth from just one bite.

Let's get sloppy...

Foodster's Verdict

Om Burger
  • Address

    OM Burger (in front of 7-11) Lorong Kolam Air Lama, Ampang Jaya, 68000 Selangor, Malaysia.

  • Open

    8pm to 5am daily

  • Pros

    Sloppy burgers at about RM5 a pop. Pretty good bargain!

  • Cons

    Did you see the amount of grease on the grill? This is super unhealthy

  • Price Range

    RM 10

  • Parking


  • Certification

    Muslim Owned

When the fast food craving strikes, nothing will curb it quicker than a greasy roadside burger. Once you've given in to the call of processed food, why don't go all the way and tuck into the messiest burger available in KL? When it comes to burgers, Om's are the sloppiest burgers you can find and they're still going strong after 27 years of being in the business. If you don't mind your patties fried in a pool of oil, drenched in margarine and topped with generous amounts of mayo and sauces, then Om is your place. Humble and unpretentious, Om Burger is an ideal supper option if you're looking for a late night grease fest. Just don't tell your doctor or he'll ask you to go for a heart check up. Sinful and loaded with margarine, you know that it's bad for you but it is so delicious that sometimes it's just really hard to resist.

They have fans as far as Singapore so there must be more to their burgers than just a whole amount of grease. A customer even bought 50 Om Burgers to bring to his son who was studying in Bandung! This just shows how famous these burgers are. The friendly 'Om' (which literally means 'uncle' in Indonesian) is the master griller. He helms the grill until 3 am and then his son will take over. The stall is a favourite among denizens of the night because it opens from 8 pm till 5 am every day. You can see how popular these burgers are from the stacks of patties and hot dogs on the side of the grill, ready to be made into burgers for eager customers.

You can't get more decadent than their burger 'Special'. First they crack an egg, spread it out on the grill like a really flat omelette before adding a slice of cheese and finishing it off with the burger patty on top. This grease soaked combo then goes to the final assembly stage where the patty goes on top of a bun with huge squirts of mayo, sauces, a sprinkle of shredded cabbage and then it's wrapped up in paper ready for you to 'tapau'.

Surprisingly their hot dogs are gaining more popularity compared to their burgers. Bigger and longer than most of the other burger stalls in KL, the hot dogs are filled with cheese so when you take a bite it oozes out filling your mouth with salty cheesy creaminess.

Live a little and order the oblong. This is bigger than the normal patty so you'll get more meat in your burger. I always opt for the beef because it tastes better than the chicken. Granted, it's not a home made patty so the flavour is more processed and muted compared to the gourmet burgers you get at high-end restaurants. What makes this burger good is the amount of sauces and margarine they put in it. The mixture of black pepper sauce, chilli sauce and mayo go so well together. You get a nice combination of peppery, sweet and creamy tones in the burger. The patty is further enhanced by being grilled in an ungodly amount of margarine. Nasty but yummy.

Burgers here are not recommended to be consumed daily though because the amount of oil that is being soaked by the patties are simply too much and sometimes just plain scary. The key is moderation. Once in a while it's good to give in to temptation. So indulge in an Om Burger but add in a longer workout session just to balance it out.

Check out the Foodsters Favourite 5 Burger clip. We got Om flipping burgers. They actually float on oil. How crazy is that?