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Quan Ice Cream & Coffee House

by Farah D. on Sat, November 20, 2010

When I was living in Desa Pandan, this was my local joint, many a cups of coffee and plates of noodles witnessed my long girly talks with my then housemates. Tonight, I’m with a different group of friends. Though my companions have changed, Quan still welcomes me like a long lost friend.

Good food and cosy ambience

Foodster's Verdict

Quan Ice Cream & Coffee House
  • Romantic
  • Business
  • Kids
  • Air Conditioned
  • Address

    8 & 10 G, Jalan Pandan Indah, 4/33, Pandan Indah, 55100 Kuala Lumpur. They have another branch in Pandan Indah but the feel is totally different compared to their older branch in Desa Pandan, not as cosy.
    Tel: 03 4296 9760

  • Open

    Mon - Thu 12 pm -12.30 am Fri 12 pm -2 am

  • Pros

    A huge selection of food and drinks, even if you go try a dish a day, it would be months before you finish the whole listing in the menu. Warm and friendly atmosphere.

  • Cons

    There are only 15 tables, and lunch is a busy period so be prepared to wait for your table. Smoking section is limited to 3 tables so if you have a large group of smoker friends, it would be quite a tight fit.

  • Price Range

    RM 25

  • Parking


  • Certification

    Pork Free

Not much has changed at Quan since the last time I had my lengthy conversation sessions, the walls are still plastered with old movie posters and cigarette ads, coca cola paraphernalia peppers the room, bathed in warm lighting, it has a very mom and pop café feel. Servers pick up dishes through a small sliding door, when it opens, a myriad of aromas waft from the kitchen to the dining area.

As an appetizer, we ordered the cornflakes chicken, chicken tenders coated in cornflakes with a thin layer of glaze on top. It tasted like crispy candied chicken nuggets. Sweet and savoury, it’s a wonderful start to our meal.

I ordered my usual, a plate of Singapore fried glass noodles, it’s listed as Singapore fried beehoon in the menu but I always ask them to use glass noodles instead, the texture of the glass noodles gives it more bite and just elevates the dish to a different level. Tasty with flavours of garlics and onions, the addition of bean sprouts and sawi adds crunch and freshness to the dish.

My dining companions ordered Butter Chicken with Rice (listed as one of the top 3 dishes in the menu), Black Pepper Lo Shu Fan and Fried Mee Sua. The menu is a mind-boggling list of choices ranging from braised rice to western dishes, even the drinks list is extensive, with pages for different types of coffee, tea and juices.

When our dishes arrived, the Butter Chicken looked the most appetizing. Chicken morsels in a creamy buttery sauce are garnished with a sprinkle of curry leaves served alongside white rice and a sunny side up egg. The rich sauce is simply divine. Ask for sambal or sliced chillies if you like your dish with a bit more kick. This is a definite lick-your-plate-clean dish. Absolutely worthy of its top 3 rating in the menu.

The Lo Shu Fan is made up of short strings of udon-like noodles that are fried in a slippery peppery sauce. The full ensemble of dish consists of fish cakes, slices of chicken, spring onions and bean sprouts. The dominant flavour of black pepper makes this a deliciously spicy dish.

Crunchy carrot strips, fat chunks of meaty mushrooms livens up the humble Fried Mee Sua. Onions add a sweet balance to the light but yummy plate of noodles. Simple but tasty nevertheless.

And of course, with ice cream as part of its name, it would be sacrilege if we didn’t sample an ice cream dessert. With interesting names like Mars & Me and Mr San’s Babies, the ice cream selection encompasses 12 different flavours of ice cream, including coconut and rum and raisin. I played safe and ordered the classic banana split to end the meal on a happy note. The coffee and vanilla flavours are like the ones served by your local ice cream man but the coconut flavour is a perfect blend of creamy coconut and milk. The styling is old fashioned with the customary whipped cream and a cherry on top. But that’s exactly what Quan is, unpretentious and with little frills. Though I haven’t been here for a while, everything is still familiar, parents and pyjama clad kids enjoy dinner next to loved up couples. Good food and a cosy ambience makes Quan an ideal place for family dinners, first dates and of course, lengthy conversation sessions with friends.