Rojak Ali @ PJS (Taman Datuk Harun)

by Edwan S. on Mon, October 14, 2013

Sometimes you just want a rojak-cendol fix, and trucks selling this dynamic duo are all over KL. So we're always delighted to find a good one. Slurrrrp!

Rojak and cendol! Cheap!

Foodster's Verdict

Rojak Ali @ PJS (Taman Datuk Harun)
  • Address

    Jalan PJS 1/26 (it’s always parked in front of a motorcycle accessories shop, near a jejantas)

  • Open

  • Pros

    Cheap and cheerful

  • Cons

    A bit out of the way

  • Price Range

    RM3- RM10

  • Parking


  • Certification

    Muslim Owned

You know what’s a great pick-me-up for a lazy weekend (or any other day, for that matter) afternoon?

Rojak and cendol.

And while there are so many different kinds to cater to the equally many different tastes, I think I’ve found one of the nicest examples from Rojak Ali, a food truck at Jalan PJS 1/26. You won’t miss the simple, small white truck with a couple of tables and some chairs set up, nicely shaded with umbrellas. It’s visible even from the NPE heading towards Sunway. You won’t miss the area too, as it’s rows of motorcycle shops!

Rojak Van

The rojak (RM3.50) is of the Penang Pasembur variety, and it comes to you freshly prepared and chopped up by Karim. The rojak is chock-a-block full of excellent textural contrasts: delicate tofu, meaty cucur, and crunchy fritters lie beneath a bed of crisp, fresh sengkuang and cucumbers. Half a boiled egg garnishes the dish, and all this is bathed in their excellent kuah pasembur.


The kuah is wonderfully balanced, not too thick or thin, with spicy, sweet, creamy and nutty flavours that get soaked up by the other ingredients. To bulk it up, you can also order it with sotong and mee.


To accompany the rojak, the cendol pulut (RM2.50) is lovely. The ice is shaved using an old-school, hand cranked ice shaving machine that looks decades old (and probably is!), then scooped into small bowls, then a dollop of pulut is added.

The coconut cream and gula melaka is is expertly portioned onto it, then red beans, cincau jelly and cendol noodles complete the treat. The result is a refreshing, cooling dessert that has just the right amount of sweetness. The pulut is perfect, and I found myself relishing each mouthful of chewy pulut, beans and soft, slippery cendol noodles. You can also have the cendol plain, if you wish.

Rojak dude

The dudes who run the truck are Karim, Baharudin and Din, three friendly pals that’s been running the truck at the same spot for the past… 18 years! That’s a long time for a truck selling rojak and drinks. But of course, that staying power is totally justified with their rojak and cendol pulut.

So what about ‘Ali’, the namesake of the stall?

“Boss duduk rumah!” said the dudes.