Softsrve Ice Cream and Dessert Bar

by Foodster X on Mon, March 23, 2015

With the weather being so hot lately, it'd be no surprise if ice cream parlours are doing well. After all, what better way to cool down than with a cup or cone of ice cold, creamy ice cream right? The FriedChillies team checked out one of the newest kids on the block...

Creamy smooth and cool!

Foodster's Verdict

Softsrve Ice Cream and Dessert Bar
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    RM10 - RM20

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    Pork Free

Ice cream parlours were few and far in between few years back, but take a look any urban centre nowadays and you're bound to see a few. It runs the whole gamut too: smooth gelatos, luscious full fat ice creams to many flavours of frozen yogurt. There's something for everyone out there. So here's one more: Softserv Ice Cream and Dessert Bar in Uptown Damansara.

Softsrve is owned by Raymond Ho and Amily Chong, who are big fans of soft serve ice cream. You might be unfamiliar with the term 'soft serve', but I assure you that you know what it is. It's that super smooth and creamy soft ice cream from from the machine.

Finishing touches applied...

Soft serve ice cream is like that because air is folded into the mixture as it churns, creating a soft product. Softsrve takes inspiration from Korean soft serve ice cream joints (that are also gaining traction locally).

Clean and simple

The cafe is very modern and has a minimalistic vibe to it. At the moment, Softsrve has two flavours: Deep Chocolate and a Cereal milk, which you can order with several combinations of toppings. The Deep Chocolate is an Italian recipe and is super packed with chocolate flavour and is not too sweet either. We tried it with Chocolate Truffles and Chocolate Sauce on top. Perfect for chocoholics.

It's smoking!

But the flavour they're really proud of is the Cereal Milk. It's basically milk that's been infused with cereal, in this case, cornflakes. When developing the recipe they tried different brands of cornflakes to get the best one. It's a lovely flavour: subtly sweet with a hint of the cornflake flavour, creamy and evocative of a lazy Saturday morning breakfast, eaten while watching cartoons. We tried it with 'Breakfast' topping: caramelized cereal and a macaron shell lent a nice crunch.

Breakfast anyone?

For a really wonky looking version try the Fluffy: it's topped with a giant swirl of cotton candy, but this sweetness is well tempered with a dash of sea salt.

Chocolate on the left, and Fluffy with an Afro on the right.

Another cool thing about the ice creams is that they're serve in a double layer cup. The bottom layer has crushed dry ice not only to cool the ice cream and not let it melt too fast, but also to give this really awesome 'smoky' effect to your ice creams. All in all, Softsrve is a welcome addition to the local ice cream scene. Maybe an ice cream food crawl is next on our agenda. That'd be cool.