SS2 Goreng Pisang

by Farah D. on Fri, October 14, 2011

A crispy golden outer layer hides a yummy banana inside. Fried to perfection, the pisang goreng at SS2 has been a regular snack for PJians looking for a quick bite. The ever-friendly owner, Madam Ong has been selling pisang goreng here for more than 30 years...

Freshly fried fritters make my day...

Foodster's Verdict

SS2 Goreng Pisang
  • Address

    On Jalan SS2/64, 47300, Petaling Jaya
    Tel: 010 225 6070 (Madam Ong)

  • Open

    10am - 6pm (close on Mondays)

  • Pros

    Yummy, earnest pisang goreng fit for a king's tea.

  • Cons

    If you're not familiar with the place, it's hard to find and parking is a nightmare.

  • Price Range

    RM 10

  • Parking

    Only on a Tree

  • Certification

    Pork Free

When my stomach craves for a late afternoon munch, the first thing on my mind is a fresh fried pisang goreng. Here in SS2, Madame Ong still mans the giant wok at the back of her little truck, frying batches of pisang goreng for her eager customers. The amount of oil in that wok is pretty scary but amazingly, her pisang goreng are not greasy at all. Through her years of experience, she knows the exact moment when the oil is ready for frying. When oil reaches a certain temperature it will fry the batter first, which will then allow the bananas to be cooked without absorbing too much oil.

Bananas are fried whole here. Madam Ong uses pisang raja because the flesh holds its shape even after frying. The taste is sweet and rich. I love the crunchy bits caused by the bubbling batter during frying. This is a fritter that stays firm which makes it convenient to hold and easy to snack on. The luscious flavour of the pisang goreng is also brought upon by the condition of the bananas she used. She only uses ones with skin that has started to brown. Browning of the skin indicates that the banana has ripened and this produces the sugary sweet pisang goreng that we love.

Pisang raja all ready for frying...

Other favourites here are the fried kueh bakul and cekodok. Madam Ong makes her own kueh bakul once a week. Kueh bakul is a glutinous rice cake that is actually eaten during chinese new year. Layered with yam and sweet potato, her fried kueh bakul is gooey and delicious. The cekodok here are little round balls of delight. The mashed up bananas is sweet and the flour adds some chewiness to it.

You want a cekodok now don't you?

The pisang goreng at SS2 never disappoints and when you have a craving for a sinful fried snack, make your way to Madam Ong's humble truck. The pisang goreng is so good that you won't even mind the guilt of not sticking to your diet afterwards.

Madam Ong and her goodies

Opens: 10am - 6pm (close on Mondays)
A pisang goreng sets you back 80 cents