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Sunday Roast @ Chinoz

by Honey on Wed, November 18, 2009

Having studied in good 'ol Blighty I sometimes just crave for a Sunday Roast. It's like the moment you step into their libraries and hallowed halls of learning somewhere in your DNA suddenly wants roasted meat with three veg. Nowadays with the rain and cold winds it's almost English weather, perfect for heady roasts and tum-warming gravies...

A heaped plate of roast meats and Yorkshire pud!

Foodster's Verdict

Sunday Roast @ Chinoz
  • Business
  • Air Conditioned
  • Credit Card
  • Address

    G47, Ground Floor, Suria KLCC, Kuala Lumpur
    Tel: 03 2166 8277

  • Open

    For buffet Sunday: 12pm - 3pm

  • Pros

    Everything on the menu is great!

  • Cons

    Sunday crowds and they don't seem to answer their phones here

  • Price Range

    Buffet: RM69 per person

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  • Certification

    Pork Free

Having studied in York in the twilight of my teen years, I discovered that I have a soft spot for Yorkshire pudding. In York they sometimes serve it giant-sized, about the size of your plate with sides curling over to contain the ridiculous amount of gravy poured inside. It's like a Yorkshire pud bowl with gravy soup. The crusty exterior is crisp yet tough enough to hold liquid while the inside is soft, doughy and because traditionally its supposed to soak up meat drippings, always has a hint of beefiness. It was delicious and decadent. So for me a Sunday roast is never, ever complete without Yorkshire pudding. To my delight they make the puds fat and large here at Chinoz, just by the roast counter so you can take as many of the little beauties as you desire.

Chinoz serves its Sunday roast buffet style and let me tell you this, it's very, very good. I always loved Chinoz's buffets. I used to go to its Ramadhan buffets which was good value with just the right amount of choices. Everything was usually good. Now, they have a breakfast buffet too with free-flow continental breads and cereal plus a hot egg dish and something local. I like the fact that Chinoz manages to bring the mass appeal of all-you-can-eat into a more refined surrounding and on top of that... Do It Well. The Sunday Roast buffet starts off with soup, it was chicken chowder last Sunday and was delicious. I can imagine how good a clam chowder here would be.

Then there's a nice array of appetizers like sashimi, some sushi rolls and tasty salads like eggplant in oil, salmon gravalax, green bean, mozzarella basil and so forth. Even their humous is good with soft pitta. You can eat well just at the appetizer table. However since we are here for the Sunday roast, contain yourself and attack the meat.

You can choose from roast beef, roast lamb or roast chicken. Time yourself so you can get the beef just fresh from the kitchen. Because this is how I like my roast beef, pink and soft with just a hint of blood. If you prefer it a little more well-done ask them to cut it for you at the end where it's a little crisper with a more robust taste. The beef was a thumbs up! Especially with mustard and some horseradish. There's beef juice at the side for you to pour all over your meat and in your pudding. Feeling a tad nostalgic I chose the biggest Yorkshire pud there and ladled a huge amount of gravy on top. My mouth is watering again just writing about this.

The roast lamb is also a worthy mention since it's roasted with garlic and rosemary and there's limitless mint sauce with it. However surprisingly the star of the roast trio is the chicken. I kid you not. The flesh is moist and tender with lots of flavour. That and the chicken gravy/jus is stupendous! It's savoury and yet at the same time has a berry sweetness to it like they stew in cranberries or sumac in it. My sister slurped up the gravy like soup. Me? I got another pudding and slathered it with the scrummy gravy. Yeah, I know. I'm a greedy toad. For dessert there's a little display with favourites like creme brulee and creme caramel but seriously just go for the bread and butter pudding. It's rich with raisins, sultannahs and a drizzle of chocolate chips. Paired with vanilla sauce it just brings home the whole Sunday Roast experience.

I am inspired. I am going to roast some meat. But in case an attack of laziness comes over me, I am going to make a pie-sized Yorkshire pudding, cut a piece and eat it like Nigella. With clotted cream and syrup. Slobber...