Restoran Tasik Indah

by Honey on Wed, July 15, 2009

Next time you are in Shah Alam why not take a trip to the lake and have some fresh seafood? It's pretty relaxed since you'll be dining in Selangor time and the food's pretty good too...

Relaxing seafood by the lake

Foodster's Verdict

Restoran Tasik Indah
  • Kids
  • Air Conditioned
  • Credit Card
  • Address

    Taman Tasik Tengah, Jalan Indah, Seksyen 14, 40000, Shah Alam
    Tel: 03 5519 9388

  • Open

    Opens for dinner

  • Pros

    Easy to park and plenty of space for large families

  • Cons

    Unless you live in Shah Alam, there are plenty of nearer seafood places

  • Price Range

    RM45 - RM75

  • Parking


  • Certification

    Pork Free

For a while now, everytime I come over to my sister's there's always some 'tapau' container in the fridge with Restoran Tasik Indah on it. This restaurant in Shah Alam near the lake has become one of her favourite haunts. Admit it, if you don't actually live in Shah Alam, there's small likelihood of you eating there. But after listening for the 1,000th time how good it is I finally bundled her in my car and drove to the boonies. First thing I noticed is that this place is full. Packed with Malay families stuffing their faces with all manner of sea creatures.

The very bossy waiter hustled us to a table by the lake and proceeded to whip up all sorts of things we have to eat. Hence we ordered crabs, sweet and sour prawns (everyone had been having an overload of butter prawns recently), steamed cod, sotong goreng tepung, beancurd with minced chicken and asparagus belacan. Food was a little slow due to the amount of people but not too slow that you might want to stomp out.

Let me cut the chase. The best dishes of the night were the sweet and sour prawns, beancurd and the steamed cod. The steamed cod is incredible. So fresh that it has a buttery complexion- a real joy for a fish lover such as I. It's steamed just lightly in soy sauce with slivers of ginger and scallions. It's not too expensive either. Five, fat fillets cost about RM100 which is cheaper than buying the fillet yourself and cooking it at home. If you ever come here this is the dish to order.

The sweet and sour prawns is also very, very good. The batter that the prawn is fried in is crisp and not oily while the sauce is just nice. Everyone who loves anything cooked sweet and sour know that the key is always the crunchiness of the batter. They've really got their frying down in this place. I bet you they make killer sweet and sour chicken from eating this. There's a chicken with dried chillies dish that is a cross between kung pow and cashew nut chicken that's finger licking good. The beancurd too is soft and spicy with the minced chicken giving it a nice texture.

On the other side, the sotong goreng was so-so, crispy yet I found something lacking in the batter. Still it didn't stop us from popping it continuously in our mouths. The crabs are also okay, I could use a bit more spiciness in the sauce and but they are certainly fleshy so crab lovers will be satisfied. But indeed anything tastes awesome when you dip a fried mantau in it. Soft buns, fried in oil... yum...

The verdict is that this is a nice place to bring family to dine. In the lake there are some mutant fishes and terrapins too that will entertain little ones. It's easy to park though coming out it's rather surprising how much traffic is about. Shah Alam is getting quite busy these days. So next time you happen to find yourself here, get yourself to the lake and some of that gorgeous cod.