Thai Asam Fish

by Acacia Daud on Mon, May 06, 2013

For 5 years, Mr Lou Wai Kheong has watched over Thai Asam Fish and greeted its crowd of regular and new customers. A small, intimate restaurant, it’s an island of relaxed dining in the busy commercial area of Seksyen 7, Shah Alam. The circular tables offer 6 to 10 seats, welcoming friends and families for a sociable meal. But while the atmosphere may appear cool, the food is definitely hot!

A Siamese Sensation

Foodster's Verdict

Thai Asam Fish
  • Kids
  • Air Conditioned
  • Address

    Yg-20 Jalan Plumbum Y 7/Y, 40000 Shah Alam, Selangor

  • Open

    11.00 am

  • Pros

    Great Thai food in a relaxing ambience, a place to go for family meals or group outings.

  • Cons

    Average service. Parking can be hard at peak hours.

  • Price Range

    30 - 50

  • Parking


  • Certification

    Halal Certified

The best way to experience Thai Asam Fish is by ordering a number of side dishes to be served with plain rice, though the menu also offers individual dishes such as fried meals. The portions are presented on a scale of Small, Medium, and Large, so it caters to parties of all sizes. The meal has a couple of must-have dishes, but the greatest of them all is the highly recommended signature dish, the Asam Thai Seafood platter. It’s a hot, steaming red brew of sliced mackerel with prawns and squids. The taste is an exquisite blend of sour tamarind, spices, and santan, together with chopped tomatoes, lady fingers and long beans. It all rounds up into a soup that is a fiery, zesty broth with a delicious asam pedas kick!

Another dish to try is the Buttermilk Chicken. Chunks of juicy chicken dripping with creamy buttermilk sauce, curry leaves and chili. The rich sauce is so flavoured that it’s good enough to slurp on its own. For a dry buttermilk dish, try the Butter Mantis Prawn. The prawns are sweet and salty, fried into crisp bites. They’re buried in shavings of sweet egg crusts, taking the crunchiness to a whole new level.

A seafood side dish we recommend is the Sizzling Spicy Sotong. The dish arrived to us spitting and spluttering sambal juices, with bundles of squid to share. Chewy squids in a thick sambal sauce with green chili and garlic, offering a nice heavy spiciness that is also quite sweet. For the vegetable sides, we settled on Steamed Bean Curd with Soy Sauce. The curds are soft, providing an airy taste to counter the flavorful dishes. Sprinkled with spring onions and fried shrimps with light soy sauce, it’s a nice compliment to the meal.

As for drinks, Thai Asam Fish offers a wide range from steaming hot Chinese Tea, to canned soda, to freshly squeezed fruit juices. They can be ordered as individual beverages as well as a large jug to be shared for group dining. Taking care of customers, the restaurant offers a complimentary fruit dessert, such as a plate of sweet, sliced papayas or oranges for the table to share.

At peak hours, the restaurant can be teeming with not only groups of students but families as well. I have friends coming all the way from PJ just to eat here. The best time to come is when the restaurant has just opened and Mr Kheong can personally greet you with a warm welcome.

As for ambience and décor, the walls of the place are a little bare and the furniture simply clad, but it’s a comfortable, air conditioned space perfect to escape from the wild Malaysian heat. There is a charming rack of old manga comics that once belonged to Mr Kheong’s son which he encourages young patrons to browse through while waiting for the food. It’s an unassuming, simple restaurant from the outside, but once inside, you’ll find that what makes the restaurant tick is the warm Thai food and buzzing crowd conversations.