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The Smokehouse Restaurant: Cameron Highlands

by The Foodster on Thu, February 24, 2005

If you want a trip to Britain without the bone-crunching airfare, then Cameron Highland's Smokenouse might just be the place for you. A little run down now but it still retains some British charm

Scones in the rose garden dear?

Foodster's Verdict

The Smokehouse Restaurant: Cameron Highlands
  • Address

    The Smokehouse Hotel and Restaurant, by The Golf Course, No. 77, Tanah Rata, Cameron Highlands
    Tel: 05 491 1215

  • Open

    Mon-Thurs 11am-12midnight, Fri-Sun 11am-2am

  • Pros

    Peace and quiet... a rare treat

  • Cons

    Place is looking a little run down. Expensive

  • Price Range

    RM 40

  • Parking


  • Certification

    Pork Free

Where better to savour a good plate of Sirloin Steak with Yorkshire Pudding than The Smokehouse, Cameron Highlands? The cool climate of Cameron Highlands is perfect for evening tea and scones in the flower gardens. Come dinnertime, the fireplace will definitely set the mood going for a good plate of Sirloin Steak and perhaps a rack of lamb topped up with some creme brule for desserts. That's what we are having today at The Smokehose.

If you are looking for escapism into something somewhat British for a quick while, this place will not disappoint you. Overlooking the golf course, this quiet, tudor house is very ideal for some rest and relaxation. As the restaurant joins with the hotel living room cum lobby together with Victorian chairs and 'all things British', ambience here is simply wonderful day or night. I was perfectly happy sitting down sipping my lime juice absorbing the ambience when dinner came. I was in for a surprise.....

The rack of lamb is simply wonderful. A good blend of English herbs and spices were used marinate the rack. The unhurried schedule of Cameron Highlands made sure that the marinade had plenty of time to seep deep into the rack and once baked, became in perfect harmony with the rack. Very good... next my good man.

Equally good was the Sirloin Steak with Yorkshire Pudding. If you must know, a Yorkshire Pudding is not really pudding. It's more or less a bun. Yorkshire pudding was originally cooked under the rotating spit on which roast beef was cooking. The juices from the meat will drip on to it, giving it a delicious flavour. The sirloin itself is delicious with its nice beef gravy slowly oozing to the plate and swimming together with the crunchy vegetables.

Some creme brule for dessert (is this British?) polishes up the dinner just fine. Followed by coffee with friends and loved ones around the fireplace, with an outside temperature of about 15 Degrees Celcius.... absolutely wonderful. You should try it sometime.