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Tom, Dick & Harry’s

by Alexa P. on Sat, March 27, 2010

When TDH first started out 4 months ago they were thinking purely along the lines of a neighborhood pub that offers some food on the side…they never imagined that their food would end up being so popular amongst their customers. So much so that they had to seek out additional food storage space on in order to cater to the demand.

What any burger lover could want...

Foodster's Verdict

Tom, Dick & Harry’s
  • Kids
  • Air Conditioned
  • Credit Card
  • Address

    18 Lorong Rahim Kajai 14 Taman Tun Dr. Ismail
    Tel: 03 7710 2122

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  • Pros

    Great food and atmosphere

  • Cons

    They don't open for lunch on weekdays

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  • Certification


The décor is your typical laidback pub without the dark grimy feel. This is the kind of joint where anyone can feel comfortable...pretty much a place for every Tom, Dick, and Harry! Servers are friendly and attentive and the menu has a good selection of pub grub. Porky dishes are popular here so I made sure to try a few of them out along with their specialties.

We started out with the six pigs in a blanket; mini sausages wrapped in crispy bacon. This is perfect as a snack to go with drinks and the zingy spicy mustard will clear your sinuses. The cheeseburger here is exactly as you would expect a cheeseburger to be…juicy and full of flavour…extremely satisfying for a burger lover like me! If you’re more of a steak sandwich kind of person I also highly recommend theirs, as the meat is cooked medium so there’s still a slight pink to it ensuring that it is juicy. Mmm…perfect for that meat craving.

A popular dish here is their pork knuckle. It’s not actually on their menu so you just have to know that they do serve it. I’m not usually a pork knuckle fan as I find many variations to be a bit dry and stale tasting…but this was extremely moist and tender and the crackling had a nice crunch. My friend who generally doesn’t like pork actually had seconds and then thirds. Do keep in mind that this was AFTER the sausages, burger and steak sandwich. So yes…it really was that good.

The highlight of my meal though was the pork rib curry. The meat was so tender that it only needed a spoon to fall apart and the rich spicy curry was great with the accompanying toast for dipping. If I hadn’t been so stuffed at this point I would have definitely cleaned up a bowl of this. Absolutely delicious!

As for dessert we sampled their crème brulee and the deep fried Mars and Snickers bar. The crème brulee is extremely creamy and if you’re a lover of this dessert you’ll appreciate the deep ramekin that it’s served in. And although it’s a heart attack waiting to happen the deep fried bars were wonderful. Crisp batter on the outside giving way to a river of melted chocolate and caramel…perfect!

The drinks here are great too…I washed my meal down with a pint of cider and afterwards the bartender mixed up his own creation known as “Rachel’s Bad Dream”. It tasted like cherries and chocolates and it was strong!

TDH also does breakfasts on weekends from 10am – 2pm and every other Sunday they hold a TDH Run where you can go for a 5km run in TTDI in the morning and then have breakfast at the restaurant all for a small registration fee of RM25 (shirt included!). This is definitely the kind of place to hang out where everybody knows your name.