Warung Leko

by Edwan S. on Wed, August 06, 2014

White rice, hot sambal and oh-so-very-tender, fall off the bone savoury beef ribs sounds like one of the best combinations ever. The FC gang was at Warung Leko for some simple but delicious Indonesian delights.

Tender ribs. Fiery sambal. YES PLEASE.

Foodster's Verdict

Warung Leko
  • Kids
  • Air Conditioned
  • Address

    LB1, Level 1, The Curve Shopping Mall, No. 6, Jalan PJU 7/3, Petaling Jaya
    Tel: 03-7733 1322

  • Open

    Daily, 11am - 11pm

  • Pros

    Delicious fried meats, spicy and addictive sambal

  • Cons

    Can seem a bit pricey compared to other ayam penyet places

  • Price Range

    RM10 - RM30

  • Parking


  • Certification

    Muslim Owned

It’s easy to see the appeal of ayam penyet restaurants. Spiced chicken (and beef, and fish, etc.) is fried to a golden crisp on the outside with still fork tender meat within. Served with rice and usually fiery hot sambals, it’s no wonder these restaurants won over the hearts and tummies of Malaysians.

A few years ago some sort of ayam penyet craze sprung in the Klang Valley and surrounding areas. Everywhere you looked you’d see an ayam penyet restaurant and even stalls. Various brands and chains started. Some were local, and some from Indonesia. And while a lot of these places have gone belly up, some are still around serving this Indonesian delicacy.

It's located on the bridge connecting e@curve and The Curve

Warung Leko is an Indonesian chain with (so far) only two outlets in Malaysia. Going to Warung Leko at The Curve then seems to be an exercise for a typical ayam penyet restaurant. But wait: Warung Leko’s specialty is actually…beef ribs! And their menu is more extensive than the usual ayam-daging-ikan penyet. They even have ‘otot’ (beef tendon) penyet, sotong, various soups and vegetable dishes as well as snacks. We sampled their ribs, duck and chicken.

Their Iga Penyet (RM14.50) is a portion of beef short ribs marinated, slow-cooked then fried. The pieces seem small but trust me it’s enough. The meat is fall of the bone tender, juicy and savoury with an intense beefy flavour. It’s also very rich, hence the smaller portions.

These ribs were superbly delishhh..!

Ayam Penyet (RM9.80) is good, with a golden exterior and flavourful tender meat. We liked that they use smaller chickens. The piece we got wasn’t a large piece that was all meat but no flavour. It almost seemed like ayam kampung without the toughness. Yummy.

Bebek Penyet (RM13.70) was truly impressive. A duck breast with ribs attached went through the same treatment as the beef ribs and chicken. The result was super tender, flavourful meat with crispy skin. The thin bones became crunchy and begged to be munched on. We also tried a Cah Kangkung (RM6.80) that featured stir fried kangkung in a sweetish, garlicky sauce which was a perfect foil for the greasy, fatty fried foods.

Temper the heat of their fiery sambals with Es Degan (RM5), coconut juice spiked with rose syrup or the ever popular Soda Gembira (RM8.60).

Whatever you order at Warung Leko, the food here ticks all the boxes that appeal to Malaysians: filling, spicy and okay value for money. We can’t wait to try out the rest of their menu. Deep fried battered beef ribs, anyone?