Warung Nasi Lemak Cik Chom

by Farah D. on Mon, November 14, 2016

Green nasi lemak served with giant squid? We were intrigued. We made our way to Warung Nasi Lemak Cik Chom in Batu Pahat to try the dishes there ourselves. Not the usual nasi lemak but a yummy reinvention that made us crave for more.

If it was in KL, we would go here every day!

Foodster's Verdict

Warung Nasi Lemak Cik Chom
  • Address

    No 16, Jalan Kencana 1A/1, Taman Pura Kencana, 83300 Sri Gading, Batu Pahat, Johor
    Tel: 012 7073471 (Kak Ji)

  • Open

    5pm – 10pm (Closed Mondays)

  • Pros

    An extensive menu filled with all things fried.

  • Cons

    Great for people of Batu Pahat, too far for the rest of us.

  • Price Range


  • Parking


  • Certification

    Muslim Owned

Cik Chom’s nasi lemak doesn’t look like the usual nasi lemak. Even the rice itself looks different – a dome made up of green rice on top of white, unusual yet appealing. And of course, sliced cucumbers would be too mainstream for this unconventional offering, so they use sliced green apples instead. Most importantly, it’s not only the appearance that sets Cik Chom’s nasi lemak apart from the rest, but it’s also the taste.

Puan Nozila runs Cik Chom with her business partner, from the very beginning, they always wanted to offer something new in the market, a nasi lemak that will be remembered for its uniqueness, that is why they came up with the green and white rice combo.

If you're ever in Batu Pahat, do yourself a favour and have dinner here.

They use basmathi rice for the white part, cooking it in coconut milk and pandan, just like a regular nasi lemak. The green part is much more special, they use Siamese Beras Wangi, which is coloured green by a substantial amount of blended pandan juice. The rice is cooked with double the amount of santan, making it extra rich and slightly sticky. To keep the dish balanced, only a small portion of the green rice is needed in each serving. The key is to mix the two together to get just the right combination of flavours. The sliced green apple help to cut some of the richness of the rice and it also adds a lovely freshness to the overall dish.

Sambal here is mild and sweet. Simmered gently for 8 hours so all the ingredients are cooked well and bursting with aromatic flavours. Shrimp paste of the best quality is used to lend it a hint of savoury. There’s also a free-flow of gulai for you to enjoy with the rice. Gulai and nasi lemak? Trust us, it works!

Check out the size of that squid!

Staying true to their aim to be different, the lauks here are also unconventional. Try the hugely popular Sotong King. A giant squid - marinated and breaded then fried to perfection. Crispy on the outside and tender on the inside.

We love eating the nasi lemak with Siakap Goreng. Awesome combination.

Siakap Goreng is also a great choice. Fried siakap with golden crisp skin and flaky flesh. An ideal choice if you love fish. Other options include Puyuh Goreng, Chicken Chop and Ayam Goreng. Whichever one you choose, rest assured that each one will be delicious. Cik Chom’s nasi lemak will probably irk some traditionalists due to its unusual look and side dishes but sometimes change can be a delightful surprise.

That basically sums up what Cik Chom is about, don’t expect the run-of-the-mill nasi lemak here but be prepared to be wowed by what’s on their menu. It’s not something you will come across at your regular stall but it will definitely something that you would want to eat regularly.