Mixed Cuisine


by The Foodster on Wed, December 06, 2006

If there's one thing Malaysians know how to do well is take a cuisine, toss cili padi and 'everything boleh' flair and call it their own. Williams is not here to offer you subtle flavours, rather a slap in your face kinda food and it's good...

There's always something new at Williams

Foodster's Verdict

  • Address

    Jalan SS26/9 Taman Mayang Jaya, 47301 Petaling Jaya

  • Open

    Around 6pm - until early morning

  • Pros

    Humongous portions. Something new to try every night

  • Cons

    Hygiene ain't their strong points, hold your bags tight and sometimes when Williams is feeling cheeky you might get something entirely different from what you've ordered

  • Price Range

    RM 40 - RM 100

  • Parking


  • Certification

    Pork Free

I was eating excellent seafood pasta. In fact, I was totally ignoring the pasta and instead am stuck in the fish. The large chunk in the middle of the plate is so good I am moving the plate away from my fellow diners afraid that they might want more of it. Some nights it’s just lightly cooked in the thick sauce and incredibly fresh. On this night there is a light crust on top of the fish which adds ridiculous, delicious dimensions to this dish.

Oh… there’s more my friends, the mussels with it are huge and fresh and then there’s the squid, called sotong bang bang stuffed with delicious things. It’s soft when you cut it and as you chew the stuffing will ooze into your mouth creating quite a tongue thrill. All this tossed with fettucini cooked in a thick mama mia tomato sauce and cilli padi. I’m moving the plate further away. Someone tries to take a piece of the squid. I smack them back.

We were not in some five-star restaurant. We were in true Malaysian fashion by the side of the road, in a make-shift stall seated on all manner of stools and benches. Williams, as the nameless place is called after its cheerful, rosy cheeked owner does Italian and Western and Malaysian food- boldly, fast and scrumptious in a mad fusion way.

Try the spaghetti meatballs with the biggest meatballs I’ve ever seen stuffed with cheese in the middle. Try too the garlic-butter-cheese naan made with mozzarella.

The nasi goreng ketam is to die for cooked with soft shell crabs. You will not be able to stop eating this. Very addictive, with a Thai flavour to it and lots of delectable soft shell crabs falling all over the mound of rice. Another insane creation is the triple-H. Basically a triple-decker sandwich, it is stuffed with filling, then dipped in egg and fried.

If you have the chicken version is comes stuffed with turkey ham and chicken salami. Have it the meat version then it becomes a monster five-decker, each deck a different beef creation- roast beef, salami, pepperoni and pastrami. You can’t bite into it without unhinging your jaw. So you have to cut through the egg crust into the layers spilling all the meaty goodness on your plate. Then dip it in the homemade mayonnaise and savour the layers and textures of meat some slightly chewy, some melts in your mouth, some peppery and crunchy. It’s mad, mad, mad.

Antipasto plates are also worth an order piled with sausages, salamis and meats. It also comes with pesto, a delicious mushroom concoction and mashed potatoes that is still a little rough with gravy poured all over it. They also bake Portobello mushrooms here with cheese and pasta. The firm mushrooms goes well with the gooey cheese. You will lick every morsel up. Just ask William or Ester his wife to recommend you what’s good or new on the menu. There is so much more you can try here like arrabiata, vongole, risotto and chicken kiev. Portions are generous- you can easily share two to a plate unless you are greedy like me.

Even the drinks here are in jumbo size. Ribena lychee or longan is good in huge two pint glasses. Fruit juices here are also fresh served in jam jars. Ambiance is little to be desired with people hollering, mandatory TV blaring and tables packed close together. But with food like this- fit for any obsessive foodie, good enough to lift the plate and lick, bring your mother-in-law and she won’t mind sitting by the drain kind of food, who really cares?



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