Yap Kee Coffee Shop Banana Leaf Rice

by Arslan Z. on Tue, May 15, 2018

Okay guys when you think of Klang usually fresh seafood and bak kut teh will come to mind right? Well guess what? There’s a little coffee shop along the colonial shop lots on Jalan Besar that serves one of the best Banana Leaf Rice meals you can find in Selangor!

Almost a 100 years of Banana Leaf Rice legacy here.

Foodster's Verdict

Yap Kee Coffee Shop Banana Leaf Rice
  • Address

    26, Jalan Besar, Klang 41000 Selangor
    Tel: 013 350 6895

  • Open

    11.30 AM - 4.00 PM

  • Pros

    Minimal choices but everything packs a flavour punch!

  • Cons

    The lunch crowd is unforgiving, come earlier to get a comfortable spot

  • Price Range

    RM3.50 - RM15.00

  • Parking


  • Certification

    Pork Free

Yap Kee Coffee Shop started out back in 1923 (that’s almost a 100 years ago!) Uncle Yap’s Grandfather and Uncle Esvaran’s Grandfather decided to join forces and open up a coffeeshop. So Yap's Grandpa does local coffee and drinks while Esvaran's grandpa serves Banana Leaf Rice using their secret family recipe. Wah! GENIUS right?

Word started to spread all over Selangor about how good the Banana Leaf Rice was and people started flocking to the shop. Since then, it has turned into a lunch staple for Klang folks.

The Banana Leaf Rice at Yap Kee’s is very basic and straight forward; you’ll get a choice of chicken or mutton curry and the platter will include fresh slices of cucumbers (not Raita ya, just fresh sliced Cucumbers) and another ‘vege-of-the-day’ (if you’re lucky, you’ll get the Kobis Goreng and it’s reallllly good!) and if you have some extra room, try their crunchy and moist Fried Chicken that is seasoned with their secret spice mix.

Obviously I decided to try everything on the menu and the combination of chicken and mutton curry is absolutely spot on! I like the curries here because the spices here is well-balanced and cooked well so not to gamey and not too pedas. Both compliment each other very well as you “gaul” it together with the rice and the Kobis Goreng.

It’s like a party of spices and flavours in your mouth! I like the fact that the Cucumber and Kobis Goreng are very fresh and crunchy as well.

All and all if you’re looking for a meal that is basic yet can still give you that “puas” hati feeling, Yap Kee Coffee Shop won’t disappoint you at all.

Yap Kee Banana Leaf is a Finalist for FriedChillies BEST MAKAN AWARDS 2018 in the category of Best Banana Leaf Rice. Check out the other nominees in this category right HERE! #makanbestawards #practiceround #pilihanmakanumum