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Yazid Burger

by Chacha on Thu, April 24, 2014

In Shah Alam is a burger joint that sells burgers as big around as a car-tyre! Yet there is more to these giant burgers than meets the eye. The burgers at Yazid Burger are the result of extensive research which crossed South East Asia...

Burgers bigger than your face!

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Yazid Burger
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    Lot 4 Medan Selera Anjung Jalan Tungsten 7/23 Seksyen 7 40000 Shah Alam
    Tel: 0196888709

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    Big and well done burgers. REALLY BIG BURGERS.

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    You might not finish the burgers...

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    Muslim Owned

How dedicated are you to a burger? Or rather to finding out what makes great burgers? We've heard about how some people go to extreme lengths to have the best culinary experience of their lives... but to actually do a thesis on it? That is some dedication, my friend. And that is exactly what Abu Yazid, of Yazid Burgers, is doing.

Sometime in the Noughties, Abu Yazid opened a makan place selling the usual local dishes and tomyums. In addition to that, he sold burgers. Then something happened: people started to come just for his burgers. He knew then he was on to something.

The biggest (and we mean literally) draw is that Yazid sells burgers which are a whopping 500g (RM20) and 1kg (RM40) in weight! His regular beef, chicken or lamb burgers go RM10 and are still huge by other standards.

It almost doesn't fit on the grill!

But wait: if you're up for a celebration with friends, Yazid also has an absolutely GIGANTIC three- tiered burger. It looks like the meatiest wedding cake ever. A 3kg, 2kg and 1kg patty are stacked and served as a centerpiece.


Now often when people do in-your-face-big-a** burgers, they overplay the size and not the taste. Thankfully this isn't the case at Yazid's. The burgers, despite their humongous size, are very well done. The patties are crumbly, well salted and full of flavour. It totally shows how well it is cooked on their grill. Worth mentioning, too, is the black pepper sauce. Yazid's black pepper sauce has a unique, sweetish tinge to it that went perfectly well with their burger. His home-made bread is chewy, but not too tough that it causes the dreaded 'backslide' (where the patty shoots out the back of the burger). The accompanying veggies are fresh and crisp, too.

A university graduate, Abu Yazid started to dive in the world of the street burger. "I began to research what makes good street burgers, and went at it thoroughly," he said when we spoke to him. "I tested and charted out what combinations make the best burgers; I tried all possible combinations of the Ramly patty with various condiments, vegetables and sauces." His research went deeper, too. "Then I also decided to find out, what makes the best street burger? I travelled the whole of Malaysia seeking out street burgers. I even went as far as Vietnam, Singapore, Indonesia."

So what did he find out, and how did it help his own burgers? Apparently, Yazid concluded that, the patty was the constant factor. What made street burgers different were the sauces. But that wasn't enough for him. So he set up a R&D kitchen and decided to experiment with the one thing that street burgers weren't doing: BREAD.

"I tested out various recipes in my R&D kitchen," said Yazid, pointing out his R&D kitchen at his stall in Shah Alam. His bread is now made from high protein flour and is baked fresh everyday. His burger patties are, naturally, home-made.

"We did the huge burgers by first asking people. 'How big a burger would you eat?'" said Yazid. "Then it kicked off. There's even a challenge to finish the burger, for those who are brave enough!" He's finishing his burger thesis at the time of writing. If you're in Shah Alam with a bunch of friends, make your way to Yazid's. Make sure you bring empty stomachs.