Yi Zun Noodle

by Arslan Z. on Tue, March 19, 2019

We came across Yi Zun Noodle as we were searching high and low for lip smacking and bowl licking Halal Chinese Food. And to our surprise the food here is AMAZING!

What? Halal Chinese Food from Xin Jian, China?

Foodster's Verdict

Yi Zun Noodle
  • Address

    60 Joo Chiat Road, #01-08/09 Champion Hotel 427726 Singapore
    Tel: +65 6909 9287

  • Open

    11AM - 10PM

  • Pros

    The owners and staff are super friendly

  • Cons

    The menu is huge! tak tau mana nak choose

  • Price Range

    RM20 - RM50

  • Parking


  • Certification

    Halal Certified

Yi Zun Noodle is a Chinese Muslim Restaurant and they serves OG Xin Jian Province Halal dishes that's super wallet friendly! If you're thinking about the exchange rate, kat sini memang berbaloi. Come in a big group and share everything! We love the Beef Noodle, BBQ Meat, Seafood Mala Pot and crispy Deep Fried Eggplant.

Beef Noodle kat sini is springy, light and the beef broth that is boiled for 3 hours is super clear and clean tasting. Perfect if you guys are watching your figure because it's not fatty at all. But the star is obviously the noodle, it's handmade to order! That's why it's super soft and the combo of the two that’s added with sliced beef is the ultimate comfort food.

If you guys are big time carnivores, gotta try the BBQ Meats! Smothered with a mix of herbs and spices bit by bit as it cooks, until the meat is tender almost falling off the bone. Our favourite is the Lamb Ribs!

The Seafood Mala Pot is perfect if you guys datang ramai-ramai. Each bite slowly gives you a numbing effect on the lips and tongue but addictive gila! And it's on promo for now at only $4.90! Kena try!

But if tak cukup lagi, then have to get the Deep Fried Eggplant. Makan sekali terus ketagih, it almost taste like the jar of Ubi Keledek Pedas Chips you can get at petrol stations. It'll compliment everything you have on the table definitely.

So this holiday, take a chance and #VisitSingapore to try some really good Halal food that we discovered ourselves! We are as surprised as you lots are, coz it was a great discovery for us too wink