• What to CookWestern

    Cheese Baked Rice

    by Lisa K. on Wed, May 06, 2020

    If you’re a cheese lover, you’re gonna enjoy this recipe. Simple chicken fried rice topped with melted cheese, perfect for the bujangs and students out there.  More »

  • What to CookMalay

    Nasi Minyak & Gulai Daging

    by Lisa K. on Thu, May 31, 2018

    Nasi Minyak is an aromatic rice, served with either a beef or chicken gulai. It is usually made for special occasions like during Hari Raya, weddings and Ramadhan. Yes the list of ingredients is quite long but bear with me, it is so…  More »

  • Where To Eat

    Restoran Al-Amin Food Corner

    by Honey Ahmad on Wed, October 28, 2015

    “This is the secret to my nasi Arab,” says Kak Hasnah as she showed us some foil in the palm of her hand. In it are some onion skins and a generous dollop of ghee. On it she puts in a smoking hot piece of charcoal, bundles it up…  More »

  • Where To EatKopitiam

    Kopitiam Chicken Rice Guys

    by Edwan S. on Tue, October 06, 2015

    Chicken rice (kai fan!) is a firm favourite of a lot of us and you can find all kinds just in the Klang Valley alone. The Hainanese style is of course one of - if not the most - prominent. But it's quite tricky to find a really good…  More »

  • Where To EatIndonesian

    Ayam Penyet Bukit Lanchong

    by Edwan S. on Mon, September 28, 2015

    Shah Alam is actually pretty vast. In this vastness, therefore, it's logical to think that great eating spots are all over the state capital of Selangor. Drive away from the city centre and towards the more industrial areas and you…  More »

  • Foodsters' Blog Quickie Review

    Nasi Lemak Bungkus at Restoran Ameer Ehsan

    by Edwan S. on Wed, August 26, 2015

    It's not often that I find good nasi lemak bungkus at mamak shops. Here's one though from Restoran Ameer Ehsan at Taman Maluri. It's mysteriously non-branded i.e. there is no identifying stamp or mark. The waiters at the shop just…  More »

  • Where To EatMalay


    by Edwan S. on Tue, August 18, 2015

    Nasi dagang - travellers rice - is a pretty popular dish. But maybe some of you folk didn't know that there are two kinds: the Kelantanese version, and a Terengganu one. Now the Kelantan one you're familiar with of course: it's the…  More »

  • Where To EatIndochinese

    Pormtip Thai Restaurant

    by Edwan S. on Thu, May 28, 2015

    Let's get this straight: KL has no shortage of Thai restaurants, nuh-uh. Everywhere you look you'll see some variation of a Thai restaurant. High end, mid-end, your neighbourhood kedai tom yum. To put it simply, if you want Thai food…  More »

  • Where To EatMalay

    Pulut Kuning Kak Ana

    by Farah D. on Tue, May 19, 2015

    Looking for something different for breakfast? Wrapped up in fragrant banana leaf, bright yellow and steamed to perfection, Kak Ana’s Pulut Kuning is a dish that is a great alternative to the usual nasi lemak. Coming from a long…  More »

  • Where To EatMalay

    Restoran Ayam Kampung Publika

    by Edwan S. on Wed, December 17, 2014

    At a glance, behind Restoran Ayam Kampung Publika could be any other nasi campur restaurant. But this place in Damansara Perdana does things a bit differently. Most nasi campur places have rows and plates upon plates of dishes, but…  More »

  • Where To Eat

    Nasi Lemak Royale Kedah

    by Edwan S. on Fri, September 05, 2014

    Nasi lemak is probably THE flagship Malaysian food. Show me a Malaysian that doesn’t know nasi lemak and I’ll show you a unicorn. Seriously it is as ubiquitious as a food can get in Malaysia. Coconut rice, sambal and some ikan…  More »