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    Bubur Lambuk Pantai Timur

    by Lisa K. on Wed, May 30, 2018

    Bubur lambuk is a must have at PaRams in Terengganu . This East Coast recipe is packed with lovely fresh fish and abundance of fresh ulam. Great for buka or sahur!  More »

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    Top 5 Dates for Iftar

    by Edwan S. on Mon, June 27, 2016

    It's the time of the year for dates... lots of dates. More dates than you can think of. You know what we're talking about: those yummy, almost candy-sweet morsels of dried fruit from the date farm. Ramadhan…  More »

  • Foodsters' Blog Makan Musings

    Ramadhan Reminders…

    by Edwan S. on Tue, June 16, 2015

    This week it'll be Ramadhan again. There will be Ramadhan bazaars all over the country and lots of restaurants and hotels will start their buffet promotions. It's all nice and well and just goes to show that thankfully, our country…  More »

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    Top 5 @ PaRam Kelana Jaya 2014

    by Edwan S. on Fri, July 11, 2014

    Kelana Jaya's PaRam is always one of the best, even last year. It is no different in 2014 as we found out last week. So this is 2014's Top 5 at PaRam Kelana Jaya, as selected by us. Awie Satar Yes, we featured him last year but Awie's…  More »

  • Foodsters' Blog Quickie Recipe

    Friedchillies’ Favourites: Pineapple Soda

    by Adly on Wed, July 02, 2014

    Friedchillies' Favourites talks about the great food and drinks that our team loves. These are food and drinks that we grew up having, so they hold a special place in our hearts... and stomachs! This is my favourite drink come Ramadhan.…  More »

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    Best Lauk Places This Ramadhan

    by Edwan S. on Mon, June 30, 2014

    If PaRams aren't your thing, maybe a good selection of lauk is the remedy to your 'what to have for iftar' questions. After all we Malaysians are still very much rice eaters. Here's some of our favourite places to get lauk this Ramadhan.…  More »