• What to CookWestern

    Baked Fish for Valentine’s

    by Lisa K. on Tue, February 14, 2017

    This lovely baked fish is so simple to make, you won’t break a sweat. Use the best fresh fish you can get your hands on, and you’re well on your way to serving an amazing meal for your romantic dinner. The fish is scrumptious,…  More »

  • What to CookDessert

    Easy Strawberry Tarte

    by Edwan S. on Thu, October 15, 2015

    Everyone loves a fabulous strawberry tart! It’s super impressive looking and tastes incredible. This recipe is simple enough to make that your kids can help you with it. It makes a lovely dessert or for afternoon tea. You’ll…  More »

  • What to CookDessert

    Chocolate and Roasted Coconut Tart

    by Foodster X on Thu, October 08, 2015

    Everyone loves a good chocolate tart every now and then. This recipe is ultra-rich and decadent, yet so simple to make. It’s a very naughty treat to make for your loved ones, and excellent to bring to potlucks too.  More »

  • What to CookDessert

    Chocolate Orange Cupcakes

    by Ainur Aqil on Tue, February 10, 2015

    It’s that time of year again when love is in the air and loads of people are looking for sweet somethings for their sweetheart. Well why not show up with a box of these delicious homemade cupcakes and to celebrate the up-coming…  More »

  • What to CookDessert

    Fruit Tartlets

    by Edwan S. on Sat, February 08, 2014

    Tartlets are surprisingly easy to make and store. You can make the shells in advance and simply chill or freeze them for another day. The fillings are endless from chocolate to egg custard and can either be savoury or sweet. We filled…  More »

  • What to CookDessert

    Chocolate Truffles

    by Aida Azizuddin on Wed, February 13, 2013

    Surprise your better half with a box of homemade chocolate truffles. Whether for Valentine’s or her birthday, she’ll be thrilled and even more impressed when she finds out that you made them.  More »

  • What to CookDessert

    Strawberry Trifle

    by Honey Ahmad on Fri, December 28, 2012

    Trifle is one of the easiest and glorious things you can do for dessert. You just need to layer it up, keep it in the fridge overnight and top it off with cream near party hour. No one can say no to a good trifle  More »

  • What to CookDessert

    Chocolate Cake

    by Aida Azizuddin on Fri, December 17, 2010

    A good chocolate cake can open the door to so many things…Try this recipe and found out!  More »

  • What to CookDessert

    Creme Brûlée

    by Alexa P. on Fri, December 17, 2010

    Angelic in the centre with burnished copper on top. That little sugary crust on the surface that you rap to gain access to the creamy centre is a tease for a night of great loving.  More »

  • What to CookDessert

    Chocolate Pudding

    by Alexa P. on Fri, December 17, 2010

    This dessert is killer and dead simple to make. This recipe uses less milk so that the chocolate is dark and handsome like those mysterious cads in racy novels of old.  More »

  • What to CookDrinks

    Love Potion Tea

    by Alexa P. on Fri, December 17, 2010

    This isn’t an aphrodisiac as such but a potion that could be used to bring some love into your life. Brew this tea on a Friday during a waxing moon. Drink some for yourself and give some to the lover you desire. Results aren’t…  More »

  • What to CookDessert

    Bombe Alaska

    by Honey Ahmad on Thu, December 16, 2010

    Nigel from Just Heavenly shares with us a lovely bombe alaska- a real crowd-pleaser…  More »

  • What to CookDessert


    by Alexa P. on Thu, December 16, 2010

    You can do an alcoholic version by using Kahlua or Baileys in the stage where you soak your lady fingers. Just a touch will do! You can also make individual servings of this in beautiful martini glasses if you’re having a course…  More »

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